Monday, October 1, 2012

Light No. 39

I'm late again on my writing here for lack of time and energy late at night!

The week was wonderful.  Everything I was going to say about it has escaped me again as another day has come and gone.  Somehow it is just so much easier for me to think of life in snapshots.  I can't even remember what seemed so difficult last week.  I do remember that we have had several tender mercies; and again I can testify that my Heavenly Father personally watches over me and my family.  He blesses us with things that only He can even know that we need.  He reminds me that family is what matters.

Sailing On,

I remembered some things I want to record:
Clark got his cast on and has been an absolute champ about it with no complaining.  I had my final leg surgery and am glad to have that behind me.  We got my van back out of the shop and it is so great to have the space again, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE my Eurovan.  We didn't look perfect and had some bumps getting all the children to school but we did have family prayer, family scripture study, and hugs and kisses.  That has to count for something, at least with the right person.

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