Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Light No. 43

Here I am, running behind yet again.  There is so much going on and yet I don't know what it is that I am so busy with.  It was a good week; one where I saw a lot of light shining in the smiling faces of my children.  The snow was a blast to play in and to have it followed by warm weather again is an added bonus.  I laughed out loud when I turned and saw this little lady at the door; wanting to take it all in and not miss out on anything.  What a ray of sunshine she is for all of us.
Clark is not a little boy anymore and I am slowly coming to terms with that.  For so long he has been my little so dependant boy.  I'm happy and grateful that his body is bigger and stronger than ever and that he seems to have most of his health challenges behind him.  The attitude that is coming with his almost four year old self I could do without.  Even so, he is adorable and constantly makes us smile.  I only wish he were a little more inclined to get buckled into his car seat when I ask him to.  We need to work on that.  
I love soccer yet we are running a little ragged from it all; ready for a break after we finish out this week and get the makeup games scheduled and wrapped up.  I love the way I feel two days after physical therapy but not so much the going and the in between part where it just hurts.  I love the crisp air, the crunch of leaves, the geese flying, the flower beds put to rest, the children coming inside more to color and play with playdough.  I love the late night football games in the front yard with cousins and the whispers in the early mornings when they think I can't hear them.  I love the quiet house in the morning and wearing my slippers on the cold floor and making hot cocoa and cinnamon bread before the children are awakened for school.  I love playing tag in the front yard with my sons and feeling that tightness in my chest from running and laughing so hard at the same time.  I love watching Faye take a few steps and trying out her legs while we all watch and cheer.   I love witnessing a dog pile on dad on a sunday afternoon; spending time together just being a family.  There are so many bright moments to love this past week -- I'm so glad I finally sat down to remember them all. 
We were able to celebrate a special birthday with close friends; attend a wonderful Halloween party at the church then ended with sugar filled but ecstatic children.  We had the chance to see all of the hard work my brother and his wife are doing on their newly purchased home and paint with them for a few hours.  
Even as I write this we are well into a new week and yet  I can still bask in the light of what has taken place just a few days ago.  That's pretty great.  
Sailing on, 

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