Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Snowmass Village getaway

This past weekend we had a wonderful getaway to the mountains.  Kurt had the awesome foresight to purchase a groupon several months back for a great deal so we could take our family up to enoy the fall colors.  It was so beautiful I couldn't stop myself from saying it over and over again.

The trip was perfect; out of town but not too far, the condo was beautiful and fit all of us nicely, the weather could not have been more perfect.  This is a weekend I will not soon forget for many reasons.

The children were so happy without a single toy, electronic device or activity of entertainment.  We hiked and swam, relaxed in the hot tub and went to Aspen in the evening for dinner.  We saw deer, elk, foxes, and a bear cub.  Actually the bear cub walked right in between us while I was taking family photos.  It was a pretty great experience for all of us.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at my attemps to take a family photo.  I realized it's really just a numbers game and when you get 8 members in the family the odds of someone crying go up; they just do.  I can  usually get 4 children smiling but 6, that's a tall order.  Ah well, at least our photos are keeping it real for us.

For some reaason my children who didn't want to take family photos will hold perfectly still for a long period of time if wearing a mustache. ???

On the way home we drove over Independence Pass and stopped at the summit, above treeline.  It was chilly and I could feel the altitude in my lungs.  It was a beautiful but long drive home from there on windy roads.  
It was a happy weekend.  I'm so glad we did it!  Thanks Kurt. 


  1. That's crazy that the bear cub just walked right in.

  2. I love that you had such a great trip. Great trips are the best. I love those times when everything just goes right and awesome memories are made. It doesn't happen often so you have to fully enjoy the ones you get. That bear cub is adorable and so cool that it was so close. I find it funny that my kids want their picture taken when I'm trying to take a picture of someone else but never when I want to take a picture of them.

  3. WHere oh where was the mama bear???????? LOVE that this happened and you have a picture of the expressions on your kid's sweet faces. LOVE the mountain leaves and that you had a weekend away. Your pic of Emma in the golden trees from before must have been in the same place. While I loved seeing it, my heart hurt with missing the mountains. Working on being content. :) Love and miss you! Hope Christian's baptism went super well las tnight. So wish we could have been there.