Saturday, November 17, 2012

12 Years Old

Twelve is a big celebration.  Madeline was thrilled that she had reached the age of ear piecercing!  She was the happiest girl on her birthday night.  I was expecting some type of reaction from her when she got her ears pierced but she just sat there and didn't move or make any expressions then said after the second ear was pierced "that one hurt more".  And that was it.  Now her eyes and her smile and her ears are sparkling.

She enjoyed breakfast in bed and then was off to school.  I was stuck without a car so I felt bad that I could not take her out to lunch; especially since her friends were all gone sick and she was left alone!  After school she was able to attend the temple with her dad and perform baptisms there.  It was a great experience.  Then we were off to the mall for the earrings and peppermint milk shakes with Grandma and her friend Lexi.  Back home again and opening gifts.

I love Madeline so much and I am so happy that she is twelve.  She is thrilled.  She was spoiled rotten with gifts from grandparents and friends and us.
Have I really been a mother for 12 years?  That's wild. 

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  1. happy birthday sweet maddie! i am the beehive adviser in my ward, i can't believe she is in yw. you packed so much fun and celebrating into her birthday! i love she got to go to the temple the very day she turned 12. we may just have to try to copy you there. how sweet that your oldest and youngest have birthdays so close together. life is good. xo