Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Clark turned 4!

{Catching Up}

Clark had a great birthday.  We fed him breakfast in bed and he opened a gift before we took the older children to school.  Then he patiently waited all day for his party that night to have family over and open the remaining gifts.  He is such an adorable boy.  He told me that he felt bigger and that his muscles felt different on his birthday.  Awesome.  I adore this boy.

All week he had been telling me how excited he was to go up to the front of primary during church so they could sing to him.  Then on his birthday at church he got shy and didn't want to go up.  He loved the idea of it but not the reality of 100 other children looking at him.

Can you tell how delighted he was with his gifts?  He made this face for a long time and was just so thrilled with everything he was given.  I love a grateful boy!
Because Madeline's birthday was so full of activity, I never had the chance to bake her a cake.  Clark was sweet to share his cake so both he and Madeline could blow out candles together.  Having 3 birthdays in 9 days makes things pretty exciting and I just couldn't squeeze in 3 cakes.  Two out of three isn't bad, right? 
Thank you, Clark -- for making me smile so much.  Thank you for blessing my life and for being so adorable.  I love you and I'm glad your four year old muscles are stronger now. 

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