Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

The children have now been on a sugar high for nearly a week.  I tried really hard to find reasons to like Halloween and then I realized that I still just don't like it.  But I played along and now everyone has obscenely large bags of candy and are very proud about that.

The weather yesterday was over 70 degrees and with a beautiful sunset trick-or-treating was comfortable.  I even took Faye out for a little while with the other children because it was such a beautiful night.  Madeline went with some friends so I didn't see her for most of the evening.
Savanna spent a good deal of time on painting her face and enjoyed being Frankenstein's Bride.  

These two were just adorable.

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  1. love the sunset reflected in the door! yay for warm halloweens. you had our weather and we had yours. :) love seeing your sweet kids in their costumes xo