Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Light No. 44

I need to get out of this habit of putting off my post until monday but the idea of climbing into bed and catching that extra hour of sleep (because all of my children slept HORRIBLY on saturday night) was much too tempting.

And now it's wednesday morning and I'm finally sitting down to finish this.  Again.

The days move on and I'm swallowed up in all of it; constantly running a race I wonder if I can finish each day.  With every step I take I'm fighting desperately to catch up; gain ground in any area.

The weather is wonderful, soccer season is over for a few months, scouts has begun, and I have three birthdays to celebrate in November.   My baby has decided she is finished nursing and while I'm happy to have a little more control of my body back I miss her snuggles and falling asleep on me.

Will I ever feel at home in the time that we use for this life?  I want it to speed up or slow down; stop altogether or just skip entire days.  My heart is heavy as I trudge on this week, hoping I can find some reasons to smile under the laundry piles or candy wrappers.  Right now I'm too discouraged by the outcome of the election and the messy house to have much hope.  I'm off to get grounded again and open all the windows so I have as much light as possible today.

Sailing On,

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  1. Baby is adorable...and not much of a baby anymore:( Why do they have to grow up? I hope you found a lot of light coming through your windows. I can't seem to find time to post a blog post either, and if it wasn't so therapeutic, I'd give it up all together! So glad you keep sailing on and make the time to write about it so I can share.
    love you!