Monday, November 26, 2012

Light No. 47

I love this time of year.  Thanksgiving is such a great holiday, one where I love being with family and eating delicious food.  Then we turn the corner to the Christmas season, which is my all time favorite.

This past week the joy was a little dampened by sickness; mostly for Emma.  She got sick on Thanksgiving day {poor girl and poor Grandma's carpet} and then spent the next 18 hours getting dehydrated {for lack of a more gruesome description} and then 6 hours at the hospital getting re-dydrated.  That means she, Faye and I also missed the annual trip to the mountains for Christmas tree cutting.  Typically I would have 100 photos of that event and a bucket full of awesome memories.  This year I'm thankful that Madeline and my mom picked out a beautiful tree, Kurt was willing to do it all without my help, and we can live on the memories rather than photos.  I'm thankful that Emma is ok, hopeful that she will return to school tomorrow.  I'm thankful that I listened to my mother voice inside and took her in.  She was in pretty bad shape at the point and would have only gotten more serious from there.  Even after our hospital visit, we have spent the past 3 days nursing her back to herself.  I've never seen Emma lie so still, sleep so much, and be so quiet.  I love the 100% Emma and I'm looking forward to having her back.

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving day is the walk after we eat.  I love watching everyone walking, talking, taking it all in, and of course the boys throwing the football.  The weather was beautiful and the people delightful.

My parents provided an amazing meal - only taking a spoonful of each option and my plate was overflowing.  They always make us feel so at home there and I love them so much.

Now thanksgiving is a memory and I see christmas lights all over town.  I hear music in the stores and I'm happy about it.  I feel like I'm in a good place to really focus on the memories and feeling of Christmas this year.  I hope to end the year with a lot of light shining; burning little holes of precious memories right into our hearts and reminding us that family matters, God matters, and serving others matters.

Sailing On,

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  1. I love love love reading your posts about finding light. I feel that when the light dims, it makes it more evident to us and precious as it peeks back into our lives. I don't want to ever become numb to it being there.
    Get better Emma! I know (slightly) how you feel. I had the nasty bug yesterday and starting to feel 100%ish today. xoxo