Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Ballerina

I had such a great time watching Emma dance her heart out at her mini recital for ballet class.  Emma puts so much energy into everything she does it is easy to become enthusiastic about what she is doing. I love her even more for her creative outfits and her not being hung up on looking perfect.  This girl has fire in her veins and she lights up our life in so many ways.
She also has the loudest wail I have ever heard and has the most creative dodging methods when it comes to cleaning her room or completing chores.  Nevertheless, she brings me joy and I love her! Kurt was worried about missing her performance today but I was able to assure him that with two weeks of no school we will be seeing PLENTY of dance performances around here - complete with tickest and costumes. 

Keep Dancing Emma.

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  1. such a beautiful picture of Emma! LOVE her orange tights. what a girl! xo