Sunday, December 9, 2012

Light No. 48 & 49

It's been a great past two weeks.  We are all wrapped up in the joys of Christmas around here.  I love this time of year so much yet it is difficult for Kurt as he works such terrible hours at UPS until after Christmas.

Madeline and Savanna had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a local production of Savior Of The World.   The practices were a very large commitment and very tiring; however the end result was an amazing production and a deepening of their testimonies of Jesus Christ and his divinity.  We went as a family last friday to begin our Christmas festivites with Our Savior in mind.  I am so grateful for many people who gave of their time and talents to make this a reality so we could see it and also so my girls could be a part of it.

We suffered through a good bout of strep throat and I hesitate to report that we are back to good health; all of us.  Please knock on wood for me before Clark coughs!  :)

All of the children got into the dentist and 3 out of the 5 had cavaties.  It makes you feel like a pretty bad mom at that moment.  I have to admit though that some nights flossing and mouthwash is not anywhere close to my priorty list.  I guess I better change that attidue.  And not allow Clark to sneak downstairs for clementines at night anymore.  Or brush teeth again after that.  Who has that kind of energy at 9pm?

This past tuesday I took the children to school and then had Kurt take me to the airport.  I took two days off and went to stay with my younger sister in Logan UT.  Unfortunately we were only able to see my older sister for a very short time but my younger sister and I had some great and much needed talking, crying, laughing, and shopping together.  It was so great for me to enjoy her company being there by myself and being able to really visit with her.  There is something so encouraging about knowing that someone loves you and is cheering for you to just keep going every day.  She is sunshine in my life and I'm shining much brighter now that I have spent two days with her.  Thanks, Kristen, for allowing me to stay in your lovely home and for taking time off work to be with me.  I love you!  One of my goals for the new year is to get my mom and all of us sisters together for a getaway.  Get your calendars out ladies.

I came home to jump back into life and was impressed with how well Kurt managed without me {which is great because that just means that I should leave more often, right?}  My brothers, sister in law, and mother helped as well and I couldn't have gone without their help.  It is amazing how two nights of uninterrupted sleep and 48 hours away can re-energize you.  I need my patience to be increased ten fold and that didn't happen but I'm working on it.

 Friday evening we enjoyed the church Christmas party and borrowed my older sister's props and idea to do a familiy lip sync to "I love my lips" from Veggie Tales.  It was a hit and we had a fun time perforning it.  The hot chocolate they served was so rich I'm sure it covered calories for a good two days.  It was a fun night for all and we came home with tired but high on sugar children who couldn't be more excited for the remaining of the month.

So as I sit here and reflect on the past two weeks and what is to come this week I feel like life is good; the weather is cold today and I'm happy that it actually feels like December.  I'm frustrated with some issues that I am continuing to struggle through with some children and hope to see resolutions in both soon.  I know that Christmas won't be perfect, because we are not a perfect family and we are a work in progress.  But I feel so at peace with all of the hustle and bustle; I feel like we are having fun yet are focused on what is right.  We are lighting the Christmas candles each night and reading stories and scripture which remind us of what we are truly celebrating.  I am busy but am carefully choosing what I am busy with.  I'm making slight progress with physical therapy and I'll take it.  I hope we are getting one week closer to resolution on the Eurovan and look forward to having two vehicles again.  We are blessed and I can recogize it.  That is light shining for sure!

Sailing On,


  1. Love this post. Adore the pic of your whole family. We need one of those...Happy Christmas season! xo

  2. Yay for getting away! And for everyone being healthy! (I knocked on wood for you!) Merry Christmas to you you!