Saturday, January 12, 2013


Nurture is the word for the new year.
Last week I sat down with each of my children as they picked out a word for the new year.  They then filled in what each letter stood for and we attached some rewards and measurements.  It was interesting to see what words they chose and why they chose them.  I have been able to give them reminders just by mentioning their word.  Oh, and since they know my word they often remind me of mine as well.  Children are good like that.

Here is how my word breaks down:

Notice the needs.  Notice what I can see but isn't being said and act on it.  Notice what I can do to improve my surroundings.  Notice when someone needs a hug and offer it.

Understanding -- take time to listen for understanding and not accuracy.  Work to understand the important people in my life to a great degree.  Listen, listen, listen.

Read.   12 books this year -- at least one each month, 100% scripture study this year.  Read lessons for church during the week.  Read to sharpen my mind and learn new concepts.  Read with the children every day.

Tune in.  Tune into my surroundings, be present in the moment.  Tune in to the important people in my life and don't rush through moments that matter.  Tune into my body and how it is feeling.  Tune into my taste buds and taste my food - only eat when I'm hungry!  Tune into what my soul is saying.

Use time wisely.  Spend at least 15 minutes in a creative exercise each day.  Spend time supporting and listening to those that I love.  Take the children out on dates individually with Kurt and me.  Use the time I get to myself to refuel so I don't run on empty.

Reach out and show affection.  Look everyone in the eye - give hugs.  Ask how the children are doing and be prepared to listen to what I hear.  Reach out and serve others.  Act kinder than I feel.

Energy - have good energy and give off positive energy.  This will be done by taking good care of my body.  7 servings of fruits and veggies each day, exercise at least 4 days at week for 1 hour, drink water and move away from sugar.  Use my energy to be consistent and follow through.

I've had this post in process for 2 weeks now.  Funny, I recenlty saw one of my sister's blogs and saw that she did the same thing with breaking down her words.  We must be on the same vibe!

I really like the word nurture and I'm determined to make improvements this year.  I feel like I will be more successful by being more specific about my goals.  The other goal that is major but not on this list is all about budgeting and saving.  I'll be tracking that separately.
I hope your goals are written down and specific as well.  The year will pass either way -- we may as well become better in the process, right?

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  1. This is such a perfect word for a young mom. You will no doubt do it with tremendous grace.

    Looking forward to reading about your year of nurturing.