Wednesday, January 16, 2013

National Western Stock Show & Rodeo

Saturday we went to the Stock Show and Rodeo.  It was very very cold and we parked as close as we could but even then the kids were sad about the walk back to the car at the end of the day -- they said they couldn't feel their cheeks!

Some friends got us great seats above the chutes at the rodeo and we had a great time watching their son muttin' bust as well.  Christian was reminded of how much fun his muttin' bustin' days were now that he is too old to ride.  Emma was sad that she didn't do it when she saw how tall the trophies were -- 3.5 feet tall!  She is now determinted to do it again this summer and at the stock show next year to get a big trophy.

True to form, Clark plugged his ears through the entire performance.  He has always disliked loud anything and I have got to remember to put a set of ear plugs in my purse for him so I always have them.

We enjoyed looking around at the animals and all the gear for sale.  The children loved the petting zoo -  they brushed the goats and llamas for a long time.  Faye was hilarious; when she was in the petting zoo she was barking at all of the animals in her little high pitched baby voice.  It was making all of the adults laugh.  She is so silly.  She loved being about 10 inches away from the animals and barking at them but if a goat or chicken took a step any closer she would scream and run for me or Kurt.

Savanna got a cowgirl hat. She has been waiting for the past year and a half or so every time we have been to a rodeo or store she hasn't found the one that she thought was just right for her.  The hat she chose is a little large but the exact style she wanted.  I'm impressed by her ability to wait so long to find exactly what she had in mind.

We enjoyed mile high burritos for lunch as we watched the alpacas being shown and getting set up to run through a silly course.  Who knew?
I love the rodeo.  I'm looking forward to spring and summer rodeo season.



  1. I'm always impressed at how much fun stuff you guys do as a family. You guys rock and someday I'm going to go to a rodeo. I don't think I've ever been. I did buy some cowboy boots at a yard sale last summer and even wore them to church once. They remind me of you every time I see them.

  2. I always remember going to the stock show and wanting to buy such random things. :)