Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nurture No. 3

These photos make me so happy.  What I see here is a sweet big brother sharing and helping his baby sister.  That makes me smile.    {photo credits = Madeline}

I noticed a lot of things this week.  As I took the time to notice what was happening around me more I enjoyed more moments.  I was able to see through the bad attitude of an {almost} teenage daughter to see her eyes and her heart; to know that she is exhausted, that she is trying hard, and that this growing up business is tough.

I didn't gain any understanding on my own this week but by having a wonderful conversation with one of my siblings and listening I learned a lot and I'm so thankful for the talk.  I have so much to learn from others if I can just remember to be quiet and listen!  

Reading this year on my own has thus far evaded me completely.  I am reading my scriptures and doing a good job of preparing for sunday school by reading before church.  I took a lot of time to read with the children this week; they love it so much.  Faye loves the books with texture and animals and it is so much fun to snuggle and read with her before I put her down for a nap.  

I feel like I was more tuned in this week than last week.  I listening to some promptings I had that were ever so subtle yet as I acted on them I reaped great results.  I asked myself in the evening why I was feeling so rushed in the evening to get the children tucked in bed and why I wasn't calmly taking time with each of them.  When I changed my paradigm to what they needed rather than what I wanted it all went much smoother. 

This week was such a busy one I hardly had any time to not use wisely!  I was able to connect with some friends and family this week and that was time very well spent.  I continued to work on my sewing projects and am happy with the progress thus far.  

Showing affection is something I am not super at.  I have to continue to tell myself to soften up and give more hugs.  It sounds strange -- it's not hard to do, it just isn't at the top of my list in my head of all that needs doing.  

As far as energy, it was a down week.  I'm feeling uneasy about some issues that I know will eventually resolve but are troubling right how.  I only made it to the gym twice.  My nerve is acting up again.  I did get my veggies in but had way too much sugar.  

One of my best nurturing moments this week came when I saw that Emma had raided my jewelery and makeup to get all dressed up.  Rather than getting after her I stopped myself, told her how beautiful she looked, took a photo, and then kindly explained to her how I feel about her taking my things without asking.  We both had a good laugh and I was able to get my point across without hurting her feelings at all or hearing "you don't even care about me" {which is currently her favorite phrase}.  It was a happy ending, a nurturing success.   She returned everything to it's rightful spot --even the flowers and the high heels.  

Another thing I am working on nurturing is hope.  I'm keeping a gratitude jouranl and I've begun writing again, hoping for things.  It feels good to nurture hope.  It propels us forward and gives energy.

Sailing on,

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  1. You are a good example to me!

    This past Sunday the talks and lessons were amazing in our ward. Someone from the Stake gave a talk that hit on different parenting ideas. One was "tucking your kids in bed" ... and to change the label to something different when they get older - like checking in on them at bedtime. I thought that was sweet and so important. John is great at "checking in". I need to do more of it. Kendall enjoys the one-on-one time at night and takes the most time. I admit, I enjoy when the kids get old enough to be self sufficient, but checking in is so important! I need to re-align myself :)