Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nurture No. 4

I'm so glad this past week is over I don't even have any enthusiasm reporting about it.  I know that sounds bleak but it's where I am at.

Notice needs:  I am getting better at this.  Why is it that it is easier to react softy to a need for a 5 year old than a need that a 12 year old has?  Working on this.

Understanding:  No progress.

Read:  I have made great progress on a book I am listening to on my phone.  I'm also picking up another one on hold at the library tomorrow that I am excited about.  I have been reading a lot more with the children which we both love.  It's funny to see Faye and Clark sit down together and "read" to each other.

Tune In:  I tuned in to some things my heart is trying to tell me this past week and I think that is part of why I felt heavy all week.

Use time wisely:  Because I spent most of this week being sick and trying to rest and get over it I didn't use my time to accomplish much which frustrates me.  I also spent a lot of time taking care of sick children and cleaning up extra messes from sick children being home from school so much.  I am continuing to work on a quilt that is fun for me and I'm ever so thankful for that outlet.

Reach out and show affection:  I am definitely doing a better job of giving hugs.  As I have made an effort to look people in the eye everywhere I go I have noticed how many people will not look you in the eye - it's seems a little strange.  I love it when people look back at me in my eyes too.  I didn't do a good job of acting kinder than I feel at all this week.  Bombed on that one actually.

Energy.  Bomb.

Budget - working on that more and tracking all expense which helps.

It wasn't a super terrible week, just a stuck one.  I was stuck at home.  I know this week will be crazy adding in everything I had to cancel last week from sickness but I better make it happen.  The sun was shining this week which was great so we could spend some time outdoors.  I tacked a few organizing projects around here that needed help desperately and I'm happy with how that worked out.  I'm trying really hard to get rid of things I'm not using and to keep counter tops and desks clean.  I feel so much better when they are!

Sailing On,

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