Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

It's the little things that seem to really matter to my family.  Today I happy that we did a few small things that made everyone feel loved and important.  Both Kurt and I picked the children up from school and this is something that they LOVE and beg for {which is also usually impossible due to Kurt's work schedule}.  We put on pink mustaches and opened the door saying "Happy Valentines Day" in funny accents.  It was super goofy but they loved it, just like I thought they would.
I made them each a photo book covering 2012 and wrapped them up in pink polka dotted paper.  We made a quick stop to Wendys to eat a frosty, a few french fries, and open the gifts.  It was easy and inexpensive.  They are still looking through their books and I'm so happy I did that a few weeks ago since I didn't get them done in time for Christmas.  I'm hoping that scrapbooking enters my life again at some point in the future but for now the photobooks are working well.  I had saved up several coupon codes and $20 credits so I was able to do all 6 books for under $60 which is pretty awesome.  

Faye could not figure out why we were wearing pink mustaches but it was worth the good laugh and the children loved it.  I must remember to do things like this more often.  

They are small things, I mean, we have never been on a trip to Hawaii or anything like that, yet they bring happiness and sometimes even magic.  We can each do something small each day to bring happiness and magic.  

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