Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nurture, No. 6

It has been a good week.  Emma reminded us each day about her approaching birthday and was successfully (and perhaps excessively) celebrated over the weekend.  She is quite a girl.

I feel happier about the upcoming week largely because I have been able to make a paradigm shift within myself to see how I can improve and be more of who I need to be.   I have been able to do this with the help of an awesome book, The Anatomy of Peace, my scriptures, prayer, good conversations with friends, and listening to this talk by an Apostle of the Lord whom I honor and love.  I've learned a few things about myself (sigh) and that I have so much more to learn.  I acknowledged that I haven't been leaning on God enough, or asking for forgiveness from MY Savior, Jesus Christ, as often as I need to.

Notice the Needs:
I am getting better at this!  I am slowing down at times that matter to notice how people are doing.

Understanding:  As mentioned above, I gained some understanding about myself and the nature of God this week that will help me move forward.  I'm so thankful for it.  I am thankful that God waits patiently by until we remember Him and come to Him.

Read:  This week was a good reading week!  Sleep has been down around here for several reasons and I have been able to fill some of that late night time with sick children by reading.  It has been fun to read with the children as well.

Tune In:  while I cannot report that I did well with this, I can say that I know I will be this next week.  I am sad to admit {but it is true} that some of the times when I am feeling the most frustrated is when other people {often children} are not following along with MY plan, how I want things to go, so I end up really frustrated.  The lesson here is that I need to remember that it isn't MY plan, its the FAMILY plan that matters.  It's about WHO WE ARE, not what we are doing right now.

Use time wisely:  Does sewing buttons on a shirt all day while running children to piano count for good time management?  I know I can always use my time more wisely -- I have many time wasters that I just love!  Instragram is a favorite and I can get sucked into Pinterest sometimes as well.  I have been playing around in the craft room which always helps and I'm happy to report that I feel like my skills in many areas are improving.

Reach out and Show affection:  I am happy with how many hugs I gave this past week!  I found many times that my children were unexpectedly reaching out to hold my hand too, even walking up the stairs.  I am happy to be showing them more affection and I wish that sometimes it came more naturally to me and I didn't have to think about doing it so much!   I'm getting better.

Energy:  this continues to be a struggle as I am going into week 4 of being sick.  We have gone from a nasty flu to a household of strep to croup.  I am taking vitamins, eating my veggies, drinking my smoothies and doing everything I can to get back to healthy!  I know that more sleep is a part of this as well and I look forward to the children being healthy and sleeping through the night once again.   Being sick and having sick children also prevents me from attending the gym which is hard as well.  I want to get back.  Until then I guess its the boring videos at home and a little P90x.

I'm happy I took the time to play in the snow with my children this week -- and even happier that we finally had a little bit of snow to play in.  I'm thankful for the sunny Colorado sky, it is so nice!  Even when it is cold I'm happy to see the sun.  I'm really happy with the quilt I am working on and feel good about moving forward this week.  Even though this post is late I'm counting it as a victory that I finished it and then I'm sailing on.
Sailing On,

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