Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Three Little Pigs

My kindergartener is learning so rapidly it is amazing me daily.  I love what she brought home yesterday:  Her drawing of the Three Little Pigs story.  The pig was sad the wolf was there.  This girl is all about emotion so I just think it is so funny that in the entire story what she wrote about was how the pig was FEELING.  It made me smile.


  1. I love beginner writers! I loved learning how to decipher it while studying EL Ed at BYU, in my own classroom, but best of all with my own kids!

    Her second/third line is cute! The wlfe was sre. (The wolf was scary).

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  3. Emma told me today that is says The wolf was sorry!
    all about emotion that girl!

  4. That's so awesome, Emily! There's not a doubt in my mind the pig is sad from that pic haha!