Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I did it!

I feel so happy about this quilt.  I'm happy I did it and happy I followed my instincts on my fabric choices and happy with how it turned out, imperfections abounding.
The front:
The back: 
and the binding:
Now that this is finished I'm wanting to do another, and another, and another.  There is something so satisfying about creating something you find beautiful and putting hard work into it.  Such a good feeling.  If you haven't tried modern quilting and you think it's just for old ladies I dare you to try it!! You may get hooked. 


  1. I absolutely love it. You are amazing.

  2. I have been experiencing the desire to make a quilt recently. I've never had that desire before- I'm actually quite fearful of the process as I'm not at all a perfectionist and perceive that you have to be a perfectionist to be a successful quilter. I'm so in love with your finished product, though, that I might get up the guys to tackle it!

  3. This is so amazing !!!! You did a fabulous job !!!