Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nurture NO. 11

I'm tired and I am going to bed.
It was a whirlwind week:  soccer started in full force, we had some sickness and children home from school, friends over, playing at the park, beautiful weather, football practice, and the everyday of dinner, homework, scouts, activity days, yw church activities, and me being exhausted.

The week felt rough in some other ways; being deeply disappointed by the way some other things went for my family.

I see a lot of blessings and I see some things I'm glad I'm past and hope we don't relive them again.  I did a good job with not complaining and we worked really hard on the specifics of our budget.  I fell off the wagon of no sugar two days I had a cookie and a few bites of cheesecake but now I'm back on. I feel great being the master of myself in that way again, being in control of what I am eating and making deliberate choices.

I am looking forward to a new week; especially knowing that as soon as we make it through this one we have spring break.  I love the nice weather and am having so many opportunities to laugh with my children over Faye's latest antics.

Sailing On,

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