Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nurture No. 16

It was an emotional week for me.  I'm still recovering and filling my tank back up.  I feel like I have many big decisions weighing on me right now and I am working hard to study them out and make good choices.  Because so many of them involve my children and their future I have a lot to consider.  Then of course there is the affect on the entire family when any one person has a change as well.  Oh the weights we carry around that is all a part of being a mother.

I made it through the sickness, the tires blowing out, sickness again, and now I'm doing my best to move forward.  It's not my favorite when so many of my weaknesses as a person are laid out before me for all the world to see and I know I have so much to work on.  That's pretty much what this week felt like.  I've listened to a lot of uplifting music, inspired words and General Conference Talks, and am reading another book by Brene Brown.  Good stuff.

It's been so long since I have checked in on my word that I am really doing this for myself so I can re-focus.  Feel free to tune out at this point.


Noticing needs - oh man this is part of what left me feeling so bare and exposed this past week.  I noticed so many needs immediately around me and even more just outside my home that I began to feel like I could never even come close to filling any of them.  And then I circled my thoughts back around the Jesus Christ and his enduring love and I began to think of little things I can say or do that CAN make a difference.

Understanding - I'm such a slow learner.

Read - I finished a book, Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver, which I enjoyed.  I had an epic fail at choosing the worst ever book for book club which I couldn't even finish because it was so boring.  I'm vowing to never do that again.

Tune In - I feel like I am generally doing better here.  I am taking better care of my body.  I am talking more with my children.  I am trying to be available for games and stories and tickles and laughs any time they want them.

Use Time Wisely -  Always a struggle.  I have so many ideas running around in my head every day that I would love to bring to fruition.  Yet I also have little people who need me and count on me.  I finished some quilt blocks I made and mailed them on time for a swap and I'm excited to see what I get back.  I've improved my sewing skills.

Reach out and Show Affection - Part of this for me is a struggle to connect with others in an authentic way.   I've found that this desire I have is a blessing and a huge curse.  I'm working on it.

Energy - I feel better, stronger, and I'm working hard to manage my back/neck pain.

Now that I've reminded myself what my individual goals are I'm just sure I'll do better tomorrow.

Sailing On,

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