Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nurture No. 17 & 18

I keep thinking I will not fall behind again.  And then I go through a day or two and so much happens that I don't even have time to remember that there is a computer sitting here, or I am so exhausted that by the time I remember I am cozy in my bed and there is NO WAY I am getting back out.

It has been a very interested two weeks.  I've taken some big leaps and made some life altering choices. I'm trying so hard to do what is best for my family and I don't like it when doubt creeps in asking me if I really am.  I'm so thankful for prayer to guide me.

Faye is so adorable right now.  She is making us laugh all the time with her new words and everything that she does - the way she lifts her right leg up so high and slaps it down as she runs and dances and the fact that she crosses her hands and does the 'gangham style' dance when Clark does it.  She is so funny.

The other children are growing by the second right before my eyes.  I'm just hanging on for the ride.

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  1. I always felt that my first decision (after prayerful consideration and pondering) is the right one. The doubts are the adversary getting into your head/heart to make you waiver from your decision.

    All good is from our Heavenly Father. He only wants the best for us!

    Change is good. Painful, yet good.

    Love you!