Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another week, more pictures

So much to say in so little time so the photos are doing the work for me again.  In the morning we will leave for a family reunion and then are off an more adventures at home after that.

I think we are pretty fun - 2 parades in 2 weekends.  I had to continue to remind my children on other days when I required work from them that we do a lot of fun things, that I try to say YES a lot.  But sometimes the answer is 'now we need to do some work'.  Which isn't recieved all that well.  Yet the children do need to be taught about hard work so we keep trying to find a balance.

Faye is currently fascinated with all things horse.  It was so fun to watch her wave and talk to the ponies and horses in the parade.  She makes us all smile.

I'll be back!

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