Monday, September 16, 2013

Beach 2013

I'm not sure what week it is now.   Yet I feel happy about the progress on nurturing we are making in our home.  Homeschooling has brought on a whole new meaning for nurturing for me.  I love to have my children tell me all the amazing things they are learning about as they read history and science books and to see them delve deeper into subjects that they want to spend more time on.  We are still learning how to run everything but I continually feel at peace with this decision and I like that feeling.

The beach was great; we always love being there.  Clark was pretty sick and I felt bad for him that he spent so much time being sick rather than playing in the water with his siblings.  We had such a fun time playing in the sand; the sand was the huge attraction for Faye this year.  I didn't take enough photos this year and feeling sad about that.  With Kurt gone at the ER or urgent care with Clark two of the days I didn't really think about toting the camera around as much as I normally do.  Still, we have some really fun photos.

At the beach I'm always reminded of Grandpa and how much we all love.  All of the children mentioned him at one point throughout the trip and commented on how much we love him.  Being around the majesty and beauty of the ocean brings me cause to reflect on this beautiful word and plan of life on earth as well.  I felt so blessed to be there with my family spending time together.

Since we've been back home It's been sad to watch so much flooding in Colorado.  I know that similar things take place all over the world on a regular basis, and my heart goes out to those whose lives are altered by such events.

Here's to hoping for a great, organized, sun shining week.
Sailing On,

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  1. I love seeing these pics. Your kids are beautiful little people and Faye is so grown up. Glad you are safe from the floods. Love you all. (This is Emilee on Heather's computer).