Friday, October 18, 2013

Nurture No. 21

It was a great week not because I have a lot to show for it but because I made some great progress internally.

Sometimes there are so many voices that I struggle to hear the right one.  'I should spend more time cleaning the house'  'I need to starve myself so I lose more weight' 'I need to learn to do my makeup better (or at all)' 'I feel better when I get up early and spend time reading holy text - I should do that every day' 'I need to get rid of more junk' 'Maybe my house shouldn't look so creatively decorated but more like other people's' 'Why do I spend so much time trying so hard when it doesn't seem to matter?'

Now I may be the only one who does this all day long when I'm down and discouraged.  I've noticed that when I am the most vulnerable to the lies (life will be better if I starve myself to lose 10 pounds) I'm tired and I'm not connected emotionally to my truth teller or to people who know my soul.  I was blessed this past week to have some angels in my life see me and tell me the things that I needed to help me at just the right times.

Now it is snowing and it's Friday morning.  This post has been underway all week.  I just don't have much time during the days with homeschool to blog or do anything else!  We are busy with good things and we are busy working on family relationships.

Sailing On,

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