Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One year older

We had a fun birthday bash last week to celebrate this boy (he doesn't seem much like a boy now, more like a young man).

For monday night family night we had dinner, games, and cake and ice cream.   It was so much fun to have Uncle Sam in town from Alaska to join the party.  That was a gift all by itself, although the slingshot and rubber band gun that came along with it have been favorites.

From mom and dad he got a Manning Jersey (have I mentioned that I love TJMaxx? I would never pay full price for a jersey - I'm too cheap for that)  and a covered wagon playmobil set.  I cannot believe how much cash he collected as well - he is definitely spoiled.  Thanks Uncle Rich, James and Andrew for the awesome new football gloves.

There are so many things I love about him, I'm so happy I get to be his mother.  He is sensitive and kind.  He has a pure, kind heart.  He makes mistakes every day just like I do and I am constantly told by people how much the enjoy being around him.  It is difficult to know exactly how to teach him each day what I feel he needs to know while still remembering his sensitivity.  I'm working hard to connect with him the way that he feels love; which means a lot of times I am trying (unsuccessfully) to throw spirals to him or give him the right pitch to hit.  I'm glad he's here and he makes me better than who I am without him.  I love him.


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