Sunday, November 17, 2013

She's two!

This fun little girl had a great two year old birthday!
I am constanlty amazed by how much she learns from her older siblings -- a good reminder that someone is always watching and learning from us.  She is so much fun and makes us all laugh and smile every day.

 Her favorite gift is this American Girl doll horse that I scored second hand at a price I couldn't refuse.  She has since carried it around with her eveywhere brushing it's hair and talking to it.  She takes it to bed with her at night and asks if she can bring it with us in the car anytime we leave the house.
She also loves her doggie purse which is a lot easier to carry than the horse!  Her new church bag from Grandma Smith is awesome too and helped her to be so much happier at church last sunday!

Watching her blow out birthday candles makes her look so grown up.  She knew just what to do and blew them out (one at a time) right away! 
We love you cute girl! 
Age 2 favorites: 
color:  pink
animal:  horse
Food:  cheese, crackers, quoina, chocolate
movie:  Strwberry Shortcake
other things she loves:  music, dancing, playing outside, bubbles, and her siblings. 

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  1. how did faye turn 2????? i swear she should just be turning 1! time goes so quickly. i love her sweet little face. what a girl. so wish we were closer. xo