Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Her Big Self

This little lady is pretty fun right now.  I'm in denial just a bit about her being 2 now and not being my little baby.  Sometimes I call her my baby and so she started saying to me "I'm not a baby, I'm a big self. "  It's pretty cute.  When we ask her if she needs help with things she says "I can do it.  I'm my own big self."
When I was walking home from the sledding hill with her the other day and I turned and saw her making her own path through the front yard and saw her tall shadow out in front of her it made me think of her being her own big self.

She can pedal her tricycle now, although it's pretty hard if there is any type of incline.  She prefers to rest her feet on the pedals and have them go around while I continue to power the tricycle by holding onto one of the handles.  

Oh, and she has sledding figured out too.  She holds on tightly when we get the bottom of the hill and says 'now you pull me up'.  
I love her! 

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