Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Live your life the best way you know how to live it

I have had a few experiences this past week that have shown me how much each of us truly matter, and that they way we live our life matters.  I don't mean this in a huge sense, as far as globally I have VERY little effect on what happens in this huge wide world.  I am one of the many tiny grains of sand that make up all of God's children.  Yet in the place where I live, in the circle that I stand in, for the people I take care of on a daily basis, I am the world.

It matters then so very much that each day I live with purpose and that I do my best at being me and at living a wonderful life.  I've realized that not very many people talk about this, or talk about it like it's such a real thing.  Well if we are going through life not telling our stories and not sharing what we have learned from our journey thus far, what are we talking about?

All I know is this:  Talking about things that matter to me and living my life like they matter is making me happier.  It is helping my family to learn more together and it is drawing other people into my life who want to talk 'real' about what they want out of life and to ask questions about what matters.

It is making me realize that the way I spend my time every day matters very much to the people I have influence over.  It matters if I pick my daughter up when she asks me to hold her, even when there is a hot pan on the stove and company on it's way for dinner.  It matters because it shows her that SHE matters.  I've noticed that when I pick her up she doesn't always want to be held for very long.  So what if I pushed her away when I could have make her supremely happy in less than 5 minutes?  When I ask my children to show me things and go over things with me they know that how they do their work matters to me, therefore it should matter to them even when they think nobody is looking.

I hope you are living your life in the best way that you know how.  I hope that it is making you happy to live the way you are living.
Sailing On,


  1. I adore that picture of you guys. Priceless. Love you

  2. I love this. And I love you.

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