Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Friday

It has been another fun week.  One highlight is that I have been able to set up some time helping out at local horse stables to learn about horses and do some volunteer work.  This past week was our first and we all loved it, although it was pretty cold!   Faye and Clark keep asking me how many days until we go back.  I hope it continues to work out well.  I've never seen my children so excited to scoop up something!

One superb parenting moment this week was when I arrived home to find Faye in the backyard dressed like this.  It was around 40 degrees outside at the time (notice snow on ground).  Apparently the older kids went out and she wanted to go too so out she went.  Luckily I was only gone for 5 minutes to pick up another child from an afternoon class and she had only been out for about 5 minutes.  I promise you, I promptly brought her in and put her in pants, socks, boots, hat and coat with gloves and THEN sent her back out.  Whew.  No extra charge for awesomeness.
It was a fantastick week for artwork.
 And jumping on the trampoline.
 Harrassing each other?  Well, we do that everyday.  So it's just good old normal stuff around here.
I walk in charity.  I keep walking in charity.


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  1. i love your posts. seriously. each picture seems to capture so much. my fav in fayes is the shoes...