Monday, January 20, 2014

Stock Show and Rodeo 2014

Of course we couldn't miss the stock show and rodeo again this year!  We may or may not have loaded a few children up with cough drops, vapor rub, and cough syrup before we headed out the door.  The tickets had been purchased far in advance and we were on a front row so we didn't cough on anyone. :)

I was really sad when we arrived to realize that I had forgotten to put a memory card back in my camera {who does that?} so I had to resort to phone photos only.  Huge bummer.  I still got some fun shots.

Emma received some great comments on her turquoise and pink boots, which she recently painted herself.  She had black hand me down boots from her brother and so rather than spending the $60 on getting her new spicy boots like she wanted I suggested that she just paint them.  She was happy with the compromise and I must say they do look pretty awesome.

Faye was hilarious with this singing area they had set up for kids.  They had the gangam style song made into 'farmer style' and she stood up there and danced and sang the entire time.  We all had big smiles after that.

It was a late night but worth it to go to one of the finals nights so we saw all qualifiying rides and more of a competition.  I'm not sure why I love the rodeo so much but I sure do.  I guess I'm a cowgirl at heart.

Can't wait for the summer rodeo season!

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  1. how i wish i could have seen faye up there singing! i love your pics, even with the phone. i have forgotten my memory card before too. it stinks! but my pics are not anything like yours so my phone usually does the job ok. i love and miss you guys! LOVE that emma painted her boots. wish i had an extra 60$ that i could buy her the awesome girly ones she wants.