Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What Broken Foot?

 Clark broke his foot last week.  It wasn't until I heard him telling my brother that I got the real story about what happened.  When he told me he made it sound like he was just playing around on the stairs. I later learned that he was climbing up the outside of the upper stairs and jumping down to the lower stairs.  Hmmmm.  We only engage in the safest entertainment around here.

As you can see, the cast has really slowed him down a lot.  He explained to me that the cast is great for skateboarding because he can stop himself by just dragging the cast on the sidewalk.  Perfect!

I'm so glad we have this fun five year old around to keep things exciting.  You know, just in case there was ever a few minutes where I was feeling bored.

Sailing On,


  1. He is the cutest thing ever but seriously, how is he 5? That is crazy. And my boys would totally jump off the railing like that. Is that Maddie leading the horse in the last picture?

  2. Well that story makes a little more sense :)

  3. Now that I look at the horse picture again I think I might be crazy for thinking it was Maddie. That is a grown woman with short hair but it does look like her.

  4. Heather, you are right, that's Madeline! Can you believe it? They keep growing on me! :)