Thursday, March 27, 2014

Photo Friday [2 week edition]

It was another fun filled two weeks.  We had an amazing birthday party at my parents' home with a pinata and fun games to celebrate my sister in law.  Good times were had by all.  The best part was when Grandpa said 'It's going to take forever to crack this pinata' and then at that moment it busted open (this was on the 6th hit and only half way through the line).

 We have been having a blast at the stables and are learning so much.  This past week the children thought it was especially fun to ride with their green St. Patrick's Day mustaches on that Grandma Smith sent.  Silly. 
Clark got his cast off and his foot seem to be better most of the time.  He is such an active boy that it's hard to keep him down. 

We fluctuate on a daily basis between wind, cold and snow and 65 degree days.  We are having a hard time figuring out what season we are really in but we are enjoying the sunshine when we get it! 
I had a great conversation with a friend this week that helped me to think more about the things in life that matter most.  I love it when I am reminded that I need to stay close to my Father in Heaven on a daily basis and make sure that HIS approval is the only one I'm looking for as I choose how to spend my time and energy each day.  
I've also had the great reminder that sometimes we allow ourselves to be in bondage to things that we don't even intend to limit us, but as we allow them to get out of balance they do.  Sometimes we are in bondage to 'good' things because we are not choosing what is 'even better'.  
Feel free to check out this great talk for some more good reflection about life and our world.  I really enjoyed studying it yesterday. 

Have a great week.  
Sailing On, 

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