Friday, April 25, 2014

Photo Friday

It seems like time is filled, moving faster than ever, and mostly full of good moments.   I haven't done a good job at all of capturing it in writing or recording it in the chidlren's journals so a quick re-cap of April:
tons of soccer practices and games
computer crash and fix
played in the sprinklers
shoveled snow
started my garden seeds and they look fantastic!
found out that the baby is a boy!
painted Emma's bedroom mint green
Signed Christian up for baseball
finally requested a new copy of my patriarchal blessing
had another successful goodness gathering
started cleaning out the basement
dyed Easter eggs
celebrated a wonderful Easter with extended family
cleaned out the garage and added 4 new shelving units
battled 2 cases of a not so fun stomach bug
stitches for Clark in the back of  his leg
glasses for Savanna {for reading}
Savanna caught a snake at a soccer game
Madeline and Emma had a great piano recital
Listened to and loved another fantastic General Conference
walked with Kurt in the mornings
Missionary discussions with my awesome neighbor every Friday
more fantastic mondays at the stables
Game night with my brothers
teen library council for Madeline
figured out all of our school curriculum for next year

I'm tired! 
I walk in chairty, I keep walking in charity.
Sailing On, 

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  1. Yay for having a boy! Super exciting. I don't know how you do all that you do. You are amazing. Love you