Thursday, June 12, 2014

Growing up faster than I can keep up with

Savanna turned 12 last month!
That involved ear piercing, a Harry Potter birthday party, and entry into the Young Womens' program at church.  She is now getting ready to go to girls camp this summer and all the while I'm wondering how I didn't notice that this day was coming so quickly.
Putting on the "Harry Potter" birthday party about killed me.  I LOVE having people come over and get together and have fun; however I don't care for specific themes.  I tried to keep reminding myself that I was doing it all because I love Savanna so much :).
Not all of the girls who came appreciated the worm races, but they loved wand decorating and potion making.  
Later that night all of my family came over for a barbacue dinner and ice cream cake.  It was a fun filled day for sure which I think is perfect for Savanna because she is always bringing fun and games everywhere we go!  She is the creative fun for all of us 90% of the time.  She is kind and loves to share and help her younger siblings.  

I keep looking at her; with her earrings in and her new glasses {not these from the party but her real ones:} and I have to remind myself how amazing these spirits are.  In 12 short years she has learned so much and taught us so much and in less time than that she will be out in the world learning more and establishing her own personal life on her own.  It's a pretty awesome transformation that takes place in such a short period of time.  My trick is to try to figure out how to do a better job of the years that I do have them with me. 
Have a great year being 12 Savvie! 

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