Tuesday, January 20, 2015


As we have had another round of sickness, several of my children have asked me "Why does Heavenly Father even create sickness?".
I have explained to them that everything has it's opposite it has led to the question 'When was the last time you prayed in gratitude for the good health that you typically enjoy?'.  It has reminded us of how much we take for granted on a regular basis.  I hope I learn better so I don't continue to need these reminders. :)
Have I mentioned how much I love our district homeschool program?  The children attend one day a week and this is how happy they feel when they get home to tell me about all the wonderful things they did at Cloverleaf.  Madeline is working on a project with Parker Task force collecting items for needy families and learing about social issues.  Christian is so engrossed with reading 'The Sign of the Beaver' right now that he couldn't answer any of my questions about what he did today.  It's amazing how much he has grown to love reading in this past year.  He reads a book about every 2 days.  



  1. Oh my goodness Maddie if a full-on teenager. She is such a beauty. Sorry you have more sickness your way. Hope everyone feels better soon.