Friday, January 23, 2015


Isn't life just messy?  I look around the mess at my house today and have to remind myself why it is the way it is.  It's messy becasue we live here, and because I value my children more than I value a perfectly manicured home.  I value them being able to explore and create and try things.  I value having books of all sizes and types all over the house.  Yes, I also value teaching them to clean up after themselves and to put things away.  It's just that sometimes the 'fort' or the 'store' or the 'school' is up and running for several hours or all day and I can't bear to make them stop cleaning so that I can pat myself on the back for how clean my house is.  Oh, and there is dishes, laundry, shoes and snow gear in the mix too.  Life is messy.  But it's a pretty good, messy life!

Sailing On, 

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  1. That tie!! It kills me almost as much as his smile does. I am loving your posts. Life is messy, as my house also always shows. But I love how you find the good and enjoy it. Thanks for being awesome, I learn so much from you even from afar!