Sunday, January 11, 2015

Project 365 - 2015

I've realized that my favorite way of documenting things is in photographs.  It isn't like this is a surprise at all, but for this year I am going to embrace it even more.  It's been a great start to a new year; already full of blessings, sickness, challenges, and fun.
I hope to post a photo on here for every day of the year in 2015.  Optimistic?  For sure.  Is there any other way to begin a year?

A decent amount of activity takes place in 11 days, wouldn't you say?
Today was a great day at church.  I want to remember that.  Madeline gave a talk about eternal families and she did a spectacular job.  I felt so happy. 

Sailing On, 

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  1. I love seeing your pictures and wish I could have been there for Maddie's talk xoxo