Monday, January 19, 2015


Can it be true that we are beginning the 3rd week of January already?

 One of my favorite things this past week is that Clark wrote down his dream as he learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.  His paper says "My dream is to clean up the world by raking up leaves."

This cute boy is getting bigger, stronger and is more fun than ever before.

Madeline and Savanna had two opportunities to perform baptisms for the dead this past week.  They are such good examples to me. 

We had a great time on Saturday hiking up to Castle Rock.  This is Madeline at the very top.  I'm so proud of my children for climbing up there and for doing hard things. 

The weekly family photo project continues.  I Love it!  Can you tell that no matter what dress Faye is wearing she likes to wear her hot pink tights?  They don't really match everything but don't tell Faye that; she is sure that pink matches with anything else.  I'm just thankful that she got dressed for church and went to her Sunbeam class for the first time yesterday.  Victory!

This week I'm so thankful for the lesson reminder in church to 'pray always'.  
Sailing On, 

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