Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All Seasons

I'm pretty sure in the month of February we have experienced all the seasons.  We have had 75 degrees and the children begging me to put the sprinkler underneath the trampoline and then we have had 6 inches of snow.  It makes me laugh because it feels so true to life; unpredicable, fun, exciting, work, and inconsistent!
When the sun in shining we go to the park and enjoy it while we can.

When the snow is here Savanna and Christian jump out of bed and go around the neighborhood hiring out their snow shoveling skills.  

Do you think this little boy will grow up with an aversion to kisses?  Because I'm pretty sure he gets attacked with them hourly.

I realize that my children should not be playing in the back of their father's truck.  I ask them all the time to get out.  'Come on' they tell me; apparently it is the best place for playing Navy Seals.

A plug for dolls here.  If you every buy an American Girl doll I will tell you this:  WORTH.  EVERY. PENNY.  Even if you can get ahold of one secondhand {we have!} you can send them in to the doll hospital and it is awesome.  Madeline has had her doll for over 10 years now and it looks like new.  The accessories that Target sells are a fraction of the price and are fantastic additions as well.  I'm a fan of having my girls play with them as long as possible.  What's the rush for growing up? 

 When the snow is melted again we ride bicycles and get as much Vitamin D as possible until the snow comes again!

Meanwhile, I'm here; holding my baby and trying to capture it all.  Some memories I just try to memorize but for the most part I grab my camera.  For some reason being behind the lens makes me feel happy.  And commits the moment to memory even deeper. 
Sailing On, 

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  1. i love to see your updates. your family is amazing. so are you. love and miss you!