Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Catch up {again!}

Here I am playing catch up again.  Days will go by and I realize I haven't even sat down in at my computer.  I've been thinking a lot about all of the electronic devices we have and whether or not they make our lives better.  They are convenient, to be sure, but sometimes I wonder if they just push us to be more caught up in 'the thick of thin things'.  I get caught up so easily myself, which is why I have taken great efforts this year to remove myself from mailings, email lists, and messages that tell me I need to buy more, be more, and keep myself more busy.
Our hike last week was more of a trek through mud; which means the children loved it even more.  Emma hiked in curlers because she wanted her hair curled for her baptism invite photos and she was set on me taking them this weekend.  It's amazing what a child will do when their mind is made up.  

I can't even look at these family pictures without a huge swelling in my heart.  

One of the things Emma has been doing to prepare for baptism is meeting with the Sister Missionaries.  We love them.

Sheffield is so lucky he gets rides all over the house in various modes of transportation.  Thankfully this one is soft and safe.  

I really wish I could say this was an off day and the girls' bedroom doesn't usually look like this.  But the truth is, it looks like this most of the time.  These two have so many clothing changes each day it's amazing.  

Sheffield received his sweet new baby quilt from Grandma Sheffield.  He loves it already.  It must have magic dust on it because the first two nights of putting it on him he has slept better than any other night since he was born.  I think I actually got a solid 5 hours of sleep!  

It's been an amazing 10 days.  We feel so blessed to have a new vehicle that our whole family can fit in safely with their own seats and seat belts and everything.  Dream come true for the Mom  :).  We have been so richly blessed and I have a testimony more than ever that Heavenly Father is aware of our daily lives and that He is in the details. 
Sailing On, 

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  1. I sort of want to steal your baby. And maybe some more of your children too. :) Hooray for a big vehicle!!!! I'm so glad for you guys. Love you tons.