Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The predomiate theme this past week has been snow.  We have about a foot of snow on the ground now.  It has been a fun week building snow forts and shoveling driveways!  Madeline endured the disappointment of the church dance being cancelled saturday night but church NOT being cancelled on sunday.  Thankfully we did get a plow on our street and haven't had any trouble!

 My children are pretty darn lucky they have such a fun dad who pulls them around in the snow.  I'm so happy that we agree on giving our children a good, old fashioned childhood.

This delightful young lady has been a joy lately.  Recently when I was out at the store with all the children (am I REALLY supposed to not take them all to the store so they can pick out their own Valentines?  Someone suggested that I just pick them, which of course makes my life easier but is no fun for them)  someone at the store asked me if they were all mine.  When I replied YES this someone said 'you're crazy'!  And this lovely daughter of mine responded "CRAZY AWESOME".  I could not have loved her more in that moment.  All of her 14 year old self standing in the middle of the store declaring her love for her family to the world.  
For some reason dressing your baby brother up in a scarf is the most entertaining thing in the world lately.  :)



  1. Love and hugs to wonderful Maddie - and Emily! When we lived in Indiana - Kurt was a baby - we went to the store. Harold had a couple kids in his grocery basket - I had a couple in mine. A lady actually put her hand on my arm and asked: Are the all yours? Nope - I said - their half his - nodding at Harold. She seemed okay with that - I love the Crazy Awesome better!!! and they are half his!!!

  2. That Maddie is the best! And I couldn't agree more, you are crazy awesome! I love your last post also. We are so much better than petty judgments. Our bodies are amazing creations that grew amazing babies. Hooray for that.