Monday, March 9, 2015

Life is so daily

Sometimes it ends up that all the kids have to go with me when Savanna and I get our allergy shots (we do this every week).  There typically are not enough chairs in the waiting room for my family so the kids are really great about sitting on the floor and reading quietly.  Especially if given a sucker :)

I love this particular scene for so many reasons; one because this is a presentation that Madeline was working hard on that I didn't even know she was doing.  I love it when I find my children working hard on learning without being pushed or reminded at all.  I also love this because in my mind I can hear what Faye is saying becase she goes around the house asking us "What ya doin'?"  Another reason I love this is that it reminds me about how much I have to be thankful for, about what a great house we live in and how lovely the light comes in through the front windows and even though it's not perfect nor is it perfectly tidy, it's home and we love it.  
The daily routine is not very exciting, I imagine, for any of us.  When I think of my ancestors that have traveled across the plains on foot or sailed across the ocean to be here I wonder how tired they became of the mundane.  Walk, unpack, cook dinner, wash, sleep, pack back up and walk again.  So much of life is lived in that mode of things that need to be done each day.  I have been making a greater effort though to see the divine and miraculous in the every day.  I can still be thankful that the children were well behaved at the doctor and that daily life gives me beauty.  Not perfection, but beauty.  And I'm thankful that my children love each other.  That matters.
Sailing On, 

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