Friday, March 6, 2015

March has arrived much faster than I was ready for and so I'm still catching up on February.  Whew.
Emma was so excited to go to Emerson's birthday party.  Emerson and Emma have had play dates together since they were a month old and they love to get together.  They dress up a lot so Emma found Emerson's favorite high heel shoes that she wears when she is at our house and we gave those to her for her birthday.  The rest of the family was pretty happy when we picked Emma up and there was a bunch of leftover cake that got sent home for us to eat.  Emma was pretty proud of how she decorated her cake at the party too.  

The snow continues to come and so do the family photos.  If you are wondering why we have our eyes closed it is because the snow was blowing so hard at our faces it was difficult to even squint.  After this we jumped back in the car and went to church.  A funny picture and a great memory. 
The phone debate continues around here as it seems I am the only mother who does not believe that my 14 year old needs a phone.  This is her telling me that she will steal mine instead.  If only I could make her understand how most of the time I try to lose mine and have as little to do with it as possible.  I'm hanging tough on this one as I'm watching too many parents wishing they wouldn't have gotten their children hooked on 'needing' them so early on.  What's the rush?

I love this photo because it is such a perfect depticion of Faye right now.  She is constanly brushing her hair out of her eyes.  Every day I try to style it or pull it back into a clip or pony tail and she exclaims (while tearing out the rubber band and running away) "I TOLD you, I don't like HAIRSTYLES!"  She is seriously amazing and funny. Running around the house on her imaginary horses and defying all hair styling. 
I like this photo because I'm in it!  I like it because there I am, being me, in everyday life.  Helping Emma with something she was asking me with my messy kitchen all around me that we use and live in every day.  I like it because I'm old enough and I've learned anough at this point in life that I wear whatever I want.  My kids think this tunic is a little too crazy (bright pink camo) but I love it so I wear it and I feel happy when I am being true to what I like and who I am.
Sailing On, 

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