Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Joy of Baptism Day!

This was the BEST day.  My favorite day so far this year.  It went smooth, and it felt so HAPPY to all of us.  I was pleased with all the effort I had done before to make it special and I felt thankful for all the people we love who we were able to share it with.

I felt so thankful for a husband who honors his priesthood and was worthy, willing, and able to baptize this lovely young lady.  I loved seeing her all dressed up in her white dress and I loved helping her with her hair and her 8 necklace and her white flower clip.  I loved wrapping her cute CTR towel from her primary leaders around her as she climbed out of the font smiling.  I love that, true to Emma form, she chose to be baptized in a white dress rather than a jumpsuit.  I love that she wanted hot cider served because it was cold and I love that she told me how happy she felt all day long.  I love that Kurt's parents traveled to be with us and that my Dad gave a tender talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I love that she got to share this with her friend, Jack Fairbank, who is the son of a most amazing mother and friend of mine as well.  
I love that so many of our friends were in attendance, along with her primary teacher from last year and her current one.  I love that the circle of Priesthood that stood around her to confirm her was so large and full of love for her. 
Oh Happy Day! 


  1. So lovely in every way. This makes me happy just reading about it.

  2. Happy Baptism Emma. I REALLY, really wanted to come. I kept looking at the calendar and the budget trying to figure out a way but it just couldn't happen. I'm happy to hear that it was such a great day.

  3. sounds like such a wonderful day. happy for you all, especially sweet emma!