Thursday, March 19, 2015


We continue to swing between 70 degree record breaking days and snow.  It's a pretty great combination.  

Faye really really really wanted to trot this week and she tried to trot AND do her 'bull riding stance' at the same time.  It turns out that trotting and only holding on with one hand when you are three means that you fall off.  Choo choo is such a good pony he stopped immediately and stood still and he's not very tall so all is well.  It was actually pretty funny.  She just slid off and then said 'Um, Mom, I need some help getting back up there!".  

Christian was so proud of himself for cathcing this tiny baby mouse and then for some strange reason he was surprised when it bit him.  Even babies know how to fight back!  The kids were laughing so hard watching it scurry around.  I confess I had no desire whatsoever to touch it.  Not one. 
These eyes.  They get me every time.

What is it about a vending machine that is so alluring?  My children are mesmerized.  

This awesome dad has been on two snow camp outs so far this year.  I am seriously amazed by his willingness to freeze and camp in order to have fun with his children.  I stayed home warm in my bed.  They slept in hammocks and had a great time.  Kurt said he was 'mostly warm'.  The kids, of course, had the time of their life.

We had a great stake conference meeting.  It's always fun to get to sit with our cousins because they are in our stake!  Because they were with us I made them get in the photo too! 

I love this boy.  I love his snow boots with church clothes combination.  There was a time when I would have been worried about how this looked.  Now I just love everything about him.  I love that he got dressed and ready for church by himself and on time.  I love that he wears his suit coat.  I'm still working on the tie.  I'll take it. 

It amazes me how much play a 36 cent pack of balloons brought to our home.  Hours.  Coloring with sharpies and hours and hours of balloon games.  Amazing.  
Sometimes I worry about the things I'm not giving my children.  Sometimes I worry about the things I am giving them.  Then I worry about if we are doing too much or not enough or are even close to doing ok.  And then sometimes I look back through photographs and in my mind I can hear them laugh and talk and have fun together and I think maybe, just maybe we will all be ok.  In the mean time I pray and think a lot about the grace of Jesus Christ. 
Sailing On, 

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