Monday, September 14, 2015

One year old

The interesting thing about watching your children grow up is that while the days sometimes seem very long the years go by in a flash.  It really does feel like I just had him and BAM!  He is one year old!  I'm not sure how to deal in real time very well.  If you ask me about all the events that took place this past Friday, for example {just 3 days ago} I will have to really think about it because so much has happened in the days in between so as to make it feel that Friday was much more than three days ago.  Yet when you ask me about May when we began summer and the pool opened I would say it seems like that just barely happened.

This was so cute and funny; before he did anything to the cake Sheffield very slowly dipped one finger in the frosting and then tasted it.  After that he dug right in! 

One thing I love the most about celebrating my children's birthdays is watching how much joy it brings to their siblings to watch them celebrate.  The older children were so happy about him being able to eat his cake and about him opening a few gifts.  It's so sweet and pure and fun to see.  

One thing I have repeatedly thought this past week is this; parenting is not for the faint hearted.  

There is so much more on my heart to say but we are off to the horse barn! 
Sailing On, 

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