Monday, October 19, 2015

Beach Magic

How could I have forgotten how magical the beach is? 
We skipped our beach trip last year for unforseen reasons and I am SO happy we went this year, even though we waited until October to do it.  It was AMAZING.
The water was the warmest I have ever felt it.  The waves were powerful and beautiful.  The beach was open and unpopulated; just the way we like it best.  We are so blessed to have these memories. 

Sheffield loved the sand, the waves, and especially the sea gulls.  He spent hours chasing them around and it was so funny to watch.  He would even get down and crawl toward them, growling.
We had the chance to drive down to the San Diego temple which is so beautiful!  The children were not thrilled about the drive yet Kurt really wanted to take them there and I love that he felt like that was important.  It was closed because we went on Sunday but we loved exploring the grounds.  

Richard came out with James and Andrew for 2 days and it was awesome to have counsins to play with us at the beach.  Nothing better. 

I always find myself feeling self conscious at the beach and this year was no exception.  I felt frustrated with myself that I haven't worked to get back in shape since Sheffield was born.  The good thing I guess is that I refused to hide my body and I played with my family on the beach and came home with some solid goals about doing a better job of fitting exercise back into my life.  That has been the hardest thing for me since we began our homeschooling journey.  

Kurt is such a great sport to allow the children to bury him in the sand and they love it.  Sheffield thought it was pretty funny that all he could see of his Dad was his head.  He gave us some funny looks!  Seeing this photo again just reminds me how much we had the beach to ourselves! 
I'ts a good thing that taking a family photo every week this year has cured me of thinking we will ever have the "perfect" one.  Now I go for the photo and not perfection.  So many life lessons right there:). 
The Balboa Candy Shop did not disappoint, as usual.  When I see this picture all I can think of is 'Like a kid in a candy store'.  He loved it so much he tasted one wrapper and all.  Another huge highlight of the trip for the children is that cable tv was available at the beach house which they have never in their lives experienced at home.  Watching the MLB games and two BYU football games, both with great wins, was a fun thing for the whole familiy.  As to the other shows the children wanted to watch, leaving that tv behind is one thing that helped me say my final goodbyes and finally I was willing to leave!  
Until next time... oh Newport Beach we love you.  
Thanks again, Grandpa Gill.  
Sailing On, 


  1. the beach is magical. love you.

  2. I love this! And I love every last one of you beautiful people. It was so nice chatting for a few minutes the other day. When we hung up I kept thinking of more stuff I wanted to talk to you about. Basically, you are awesome.