Monday, April 6, 2009

Always Ready Sir

side kick awwww yea!
ready stance!

This past weekend Christian graduated from a white belt to a white belt with a yellow stripe!  I really have no idea what that means but I secretly think Christian is one of the best kids in the class and that he is awesome.  I love when he yells "always ready sir" and its so fun to watch him kick and 'focus'.   I constantly remind him that we hit pads and not people (Including his sisters and various furniture items at home) but over all I love what they teach and I love that he can be intense about something and enjoy it so much.  He has learned a lot.

Tonight for family night it was fabulous weather so we went to a big parking lot and rode bikes and skateboard and scooters.  Christian is SO CLOSE to riding his bike all alone without wipe outs (for the most part!).  Once the snow melts and the street sweepers come through again I'm hoping to get him going out there so we can be cruising on bikes this summer.  He is also awesome on his dad's skateboard and, not surprisingly, Savanna spent more time on Kurt's skateboard than Kurt did.  She is really good!  I sense an upcoming birthday gift here! 

this afternoon naps actually lined up and Kurt was here to take Christian to karate so I actually was able to sneak away and scrapbook during daylight hours for the first time in a VERY LONG TIME.  It was nice to be able to create - I really enjoy that process.  And even though people say it as a joke - It IS cheaper than therapy!  My problem is that I'm into both!   ha ha ha.