Monday, February 28, 2011

Flying: Lesson 2


Have you noticed that the world doesn't stop and wait for you to unpack / get healthy / clean your house / decorate / have everything perfect / do everything you were hoping to do first ?  And do you know what?  I think it's a GOOD THING.  It teaches me to just walk on.  Stop waiting to do those things I have been thinking about or people we want to have over.  This past week we had the opportunity to have two families over for dinner and the missionaries as well.  I probably should have waited until the dining room was put together, or until I knew where all the glasses were or until I had a better plan for what I was serving.  Yet if I had waited I would have missed out on all the laughing, conversation, friendship and just plain fun our families had together.  Too many of my ideas perish in my head, or as intentions that never came to fruition.  It's time to stop WAITING and just start today to do something.  Why wait for perfection?  IT DOESN'T EXIST.  The perfect moment isn't a reality.  What is real is making something happen each day - turning my intentions into actions.  That makes me feel like flying!

happy week.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Flying: Lesson 1

I wanted to do this report last night but time slipped away from me again.  I am committing to weekly reports because I NEED to report to MYSELF.  I need to keep myself accountable.  I need to get on track.
What I most desperately need to do is FIND MY WINGS.
I've been searching long and hard and those wings are really hiding from me.  My lesson this past week is that both life and finding my wings is going to take something very important:


That one word - Remember.  Years and years ago my older sister told me that was her favorite word.  At the time I thought that was great but it had no personal significance to me.  Today it does.

This past week I have been doing a lot of thinking and remembering.  When I remember who I am I have a great capacity to be who I need to be.  When I remember what really matters in life I remember to measure my success properly.  When I remember that I am greatly blessed I stop trying to get more 'stuff' and start using what I already have.  When I remember what its like to have a sick child I remember that our health challenges are insignificant and we again, are blessed.  When I remember that God is in charge of my life, that his hand is holding my arms up again, I can smile and move forward.  When I remember what my goals are; what I REALLY want, most everything else becomes perfecly clear or conveniently disappears.  When I remember the people who have given so much to me I can then thank them.  When I remember that life is beauty and I'm surrounded by it I actually take the time to inhale it.   When I remember what calm without rush feels like I become more calm.  It's like magic.

I remember.
Now that I'm doing some remembering I'm sailing off in search of those wings again.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4 Years Old

My four year old just makes life brighter.  She also makes it more messy, fast paced, sassy, silly, wet, tiring, and downright funny.
We began the morning with the traditional breakfast in bed.  The night before she requested 'just what mom had on hers' (when was that, mother's day?  Am I really required to remember what my plate looked like then?) So I said, ok scrambled eggs?  No she said, only straight eggs.  OK.  So straight eggs, cinnamon toast, fruit, yogurt and juice.
After we got the big kids off to school we had a bubble bath and got ready for her BIG party.  Her party consisted of her two friends joining us for lunch, decorating cookies and then our old neighbor friend (whom we miss) and the boys joined us for a game of duck, duck goose, opening a few gifts and cupcakes.   It was perfect.  She was thrilled and everyone went home full of sugar, tired and happy!
We picked up the kids from school, came home and made dinner and had Grandma, Grandpa, and two awesome uncles and two counsins over for dinner, MORE gifts, and cake and ice cream.  Everything went so quickly I hardly captured the day with photos.  I missed her blowing out candles.  She was supremely happy (as she always is when all focus and attention is on her).   There were many phone calls and cards and sweet wishes {THANK YOU}.

Of course she wore her Snow white dress AND crown the entire day, well that is until she received a strawberry shortcake nightgown from her sweet frieind.  The crown stayed.  Then she wore that right on through dinner and until lunch the following day!  Emma, you are quite a girl!

at 4:
Favorite color:  Pink
Favorite book:  The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear
Favorite movie:  Cinderella
Favorite Food: noodles and strawberries
Favorite item of clothing:  any dress that twirls and is not 'scratchy'.
Favorite place to go:  target
Favorite activities:  having multiple baths, playing with her dolls, stealing food out of the fridge
Favorite Song:  Love Story
Favorite shoes:  One black cowgirl boot, one pink.  On the wrong feet.
Favorite accessory:  Headbands.  She wears several each day, changing often to match multiple outfits changes and always making sure to sleep in one.

Gifts at this age:  Straweberry Shortcake playset, Plum Pudding, Strawberry nightgown, clothing, headbands and hair clips.

We love you four year old girl!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It feels so good to be home.  The hardest part right now is for me to decide to finish the moving in process and unpack the boxes rather than just buzz about doing all the projects and painting that I want to do to make it feel like MY home.

So far there are a few things I know for sure.
#1.  DO NOT keep your kitchenaid mixer next to the glass cooktop.  If you just so happen to tip it over by mistake the glass cooktop looks like this:
How, you may ask, does one tip over this extremely heavy object by mistake?  Well it all starts with making a double batch of cookies which does not fit in the mixer (knowing how much your family loves pudding cookies and it would feel so happy and fun to have this warm and tasty treat in your new home).  When said batch of cookies is overflowing the sides of the bowl (and one very smart two year old is opening his mouth directly next to the side and catching the excess) the mixer becomes quite a mess and you decide to wipe it down after the dough has finally been cooked and taken care of.  This is where the fatal mistake happens.  Don't try to reach down to the very bottom and clean thoroughly - your washcloth may go underneath the mixer and upon pulling it out tilt it just enough to gain the momentum needed to crash and shatter the cooktop.  Tempered glass, ahem, yea, unless you are talking about a kitchenaid mixer apparently.
Any questions?
#2.  It's exciting to have a garage again.  But not NEARLY as exciting as it will be when the garage is organized and cleared out so vehicles may actually pull inside of it.
#3.  Life is not perfect no matter WHERE you live.  I'm sure of it.
Happy sailing!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Many Blessings

Wow.  The past 4 months feel like 2 years.  The past week feels like it was a month long.  We are so thankful to have finally heard back from the bank on our new home (it was a short sale!) and closed, moved on the two coldest days of the year, have a new computer again and now tonight the new internet is up and running!  I need to get some sleep so I can unpack more boxes tomorrow and try to arrange everything but I just wanted to post a quick list of things I am so thankful for right now:

a dishwasher (other than me and my poor hands!)
a fridge
washer and dryer that is wonderful
heater and house that stays warm
4 bedrooms
a bathtub for kids and nice shower for me!
many kitchen cabinets
kind family, neighbors and friends who provide many helping hands
a basement (this is so great for loud children who have cabin fever)

I don't know how long I will remember to be grateful for these things.  I just know that living without them has been a strain on my family.  Slowly, ever so slowly, I feel like I am getting my life back!
sailing through wind and ice,