Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have a sickness.
And I think it's getting worse.
By the day.
The sickness is called :
Continuous Projecting

I finish one, I start three more.  I move the unfinished stack to the side to begin that silly thing I dreamt about last night.  It is really, really sick. 
And you know what?  I'm not even ready to do anything about it.  I don't even want to.   Right now this is one of the few things in my life that is filling me up, keeping me going, and makes me smile.  So is it really that bad when it does that for you?  I guess I'll never know the other side.  
Recent projects include: 
pillow covers
windown coverings
little birds
refinishing furniture (the garage is so full of dressers I have picked up Kurt has to park in the driveway!)
photo corner magnets
sewing my first 3 quilts (yes, they are all in progress AT THE SAME TIME)
decorated jars
Every time we have friends over or my visiting teacher comes and sees what I've been doing (because of course its out on the dining room table)  they say things like "what are you doing now?"  and I can picture perfectly what all of their husbands must say -"Wow, I'm SO glad you don't have all THAT STUFF and that you don't do so many things."  
It really is a sickness.  And I'm embracing it. 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ribbon t shirt DIY

Thanks to my sisters, I learned about this great valentines day challenge from May Arts ribbon.  I was determined to create a cute ruffled shirt for Emma by using a shirt we already had on hand and adding some beautiful may arts ribbon to it!
I have more plans for the remainder of my ribbon - I hope to post those soon.  Savanna wants some decorated jeans and Madeline has a t-shirt on order too!

I made my straight stitch as large as possible and stitched 2 rows down each piece of ribbon.  NO backstitching at the beginning and end.
Now, take hold of the bottom string on each row you just stitched and start to pull on them to gather the ribbon into a ruffle.  Continue to pull the string on both ends until you have the desired result.

So now your ribbon rows look like this
Next, pin your ribbon onto your shirt.  It is MUCH easier to sew this together if you stiffen up the shirt a bit by adding some tissue paper on the back.  Also, because a tshirt stretches you want to make sure to use a zig zag stitch on the shirt.  MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE BACK OF YOUR SHIRT OUT OF THE WAY SO YOU DONIT SEW THE FRONT AND BACK TOGETHER!

Now go ahead and use your zig zag stitch down the middle of each ribbon strip to attach to shirt.  Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end this time.  I also tucked under the top and bottom ends of the ribbon so they look more finished.  Trim all strings.

I wanted to add a flower so with my orange ribbon I cut and ruffled it as well, just as I did with the green ribbon above.  Pin to shirt.  (here you can see that I all I could find for tissue paper is some that had come as packing material in a box.  This worked great.

Now my flower needed a center and another layer.  I took some small strips of the adorable blue chenille dot ribbon and stitched those (zig zag) onto the inside of my flower.  Then I added two rows of white to the orange.  Adding the white also covered up my stitching for the center so that worked out nicely.

Ta- da!  I think its quite cute.
especially on Emma!
I learned this easy way to creat ruffles from the expert, my friend Sue, and have used it so many ways!  You can easily creat ruffles with any ribbon to add to jars, canisters, clothing, curtains, tablecloths, pillow covers and more!  Check out all that May Arts has to offer.  Its dangerous.  Oh.  And you really need to see what my sister did with her ribbon to make this adorable pillow.
You could go and BUY your child a cute shirt with ruffles on it because they are everywhere.  But I got this tshirt on clearance for 98 cents and the ribbon, thanks to May Arts, was free.  It just required a bit of my time, which was also another drop in my bucked of happiness because I love to create. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Awesome. Just great.

Shall we do a weekend re-cap?
Hmmm.  Where to start?

Baby powder, anyone?

Or, better yet, how about a hair cut?  It was a team effort.  Christian did the back and Emma cut the front.  To the scalp in some places.  Awesome.  I had just blown her hair dry (for the first time ever!) and curled it under for church and we were talking about how it was so pretty and long.  I went to get Clark ready for church and wow.  There it is.  Oh it looks like a cute pixie cut you are saying!  Don't be fooled, the photos are being generous.  Its hideous.  And there is nothing I can do about it.  Nothing at all.

We seem to be losing things around here.  Like lotion, baby powder, obedience, teeth and HAIR!
Savanna proudly lost her first tooth (top middle).  We are thrilled that for the first time she has not had to have her teeth YANKED out by the dentist.  Much nicer this way!

Oh.  And Clark, at almost 15 months, has learned (quite well) how to throw a full-blown fit.  Awesome.
I wonder WHO he has seen do that around here?

Oh and how can I leave this out?  Madeline played around on the computer this weekend.  I found these videos saved and was IN TEARS laughing.  I think they are one of the funniest things I have seen her do.  Classic.

I can't figure out how to post videos here so maybe you can link over to them?  I need help.

Babysitter        Wicked Witch?    Maddie with Emma

I hope you enjoyed our weekend.  Because it might be more fun if it wasn't you.  I'm still angry.
Sailing on....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Must. Always. Remember.

Driving in the car today Clark discovered all of the joyful sounds he can make while spitting and moving his lips around.  Emma and I were giggling listening to all of this.

Emma:  Mom, Cluckie is being silly.
Mom:  Yes, he sure is.  Clark, you are a crack-up!
Emma:  Clark you are a chicken nugget.
Mom:  A Chicken Nugget?
Emma:  Yes, a chicken nugget and I am gonna EAT HIM UP!

when I repeated this to the older kids at the dinner table Savanna nearly had her drink spraying out her nose.  We are still laughing about it.  I find this especially funny since never in my life have I purchased chicken nuggets to have at home and the last time we had some at Chick-Fil-A (in my opinion this is the only safe place to eat a chicken nugget!) was MONTHS ago.  What makes Clark a chicken nugget?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Downright Silly.

You know THAT guy? THAT kid? THe one who ALWAYS wears shorts, even in the dead of winter and you silently wonder if he is really crazy or if his parents really let him out of the house like that or WHAT is going on? Well, THAT kid is now Christian. Believe me, I don't like it. I get cold just LOOKING at him. YET, the shorts remain. Even when I deliberately keep them in the laundry room longer or put them at the bottom of his drawer, under every pair of pants that he owns! And when I ABSOLUTELY insist that he MUST be wearing pants to go with me in the car, he hangs his head, says "oooooh kay", and comes back down the stairs in pants - with his shorts right back on top!!! It is really quite silly.

And then today and he and his friend Eric decided to do some decorating and building with some boxes that came home with me from Costco yesterday. And Christian made his into and bed. AND insisted that he needed to sleep in it tonight. So that is exactly what he is doing. Literally sleeping in a cardboard box. Silly, cute boy!

In a matter of 2 weeks Clark has gone from beginning walker to professional climber.  Yesterday I found him standing ON TOP of this desk!  I only got a photo when he was on his way back down.  He is trying to scare me.  And its working!

On a more serious note, now that we are more than half way through the first month of 2010, I finally got some of my goals on paper. Since I have been focusing on 'baby steps' for me, doing just a bit each day, I have also been inspired by my older sister Jennifer's "one step" journal so I have combined my ideas with hers and today I put together my one step victory book. My 5 categories of focus are:

Household Management
Relationship Building/Communication
Return to Me/Self Improvement/Creativity
Service and Nurturing
Health and  Discipline

I have a section for each where I have described in detail what the category means to me and what I would ultimately like to achieve. Then I have many blank pages left in which I hope to record little baby step victories I/we as a family make on a regular basis. I was thinking today I will also put one together for the kids. Don't you think it would lift their self confidence to read a book all about what good listening skills they had, how they did their best, ways in which they excelled this year? I know my children could greatly benefit from that and I'm positive that there are days when I need to read about how wonderful they are as well.

I chose a book that is small enough to keep at hand and carry with me if needed so that I will actually record the ins and outs of our life and small improvements this year. My hope is that it will serve me as a daily reminder of the work I have to do and the specific areas I should be focusing on. Life really is much more manageable one little step at a time!

Friday, January 15, 2010

My top Ten. RIght now. January 2010.

Emma today:

To Begin with, the top ten list automatically includes family, My Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ, the house I live in...., my many blessings! AND it is not in any special order (for example I don't REALLY love my van more than Clark learning to walk! ha!)
My current top ten favorite things in my life:

10. Oranges. Oh how i love a juicy orange at this time of year!

9. Paint. You can transform ANYTHING with paint!

8. Reading. I love that I can fly away to another place for a few minutes! AND I love that my new little local library does such a fantastic job of having great books available. Madeline and I attended the first ever Mother/Daughter Book Club and it was delightful!

7. Old stuff. I love old stuff.

6. My cricut machine. Because of my new cartridges - I just love what
I can do with it! Madeline and I have been making these adorable garlands with the 'childs year' silhouettes. LOVE IT!

5. Clark learning to walk. It is about the cutest thing IN THE WORLD. EVER. I love the way he holds his one arm up in the air for balance and the way he reaches out to me from across the room until he gets to me. It's magical.

4. My Eurovan. I cannot really describe how much I LOVE this vehicle. By far the best I have ever had.

3. Scouring garage sales and second hand stores for great finds.

2. Fabric. I am in the middle of a serious love affair with fabric. Especially if it involves polka dots. Can't you just see a beautiful quilt of all dots? Hmmmmm.....

1. My little venture. My tiny little "spot" in the store opens today! I am so excited and am having a great time creating for this. I hope it goes well. This makes me happy right now! My friend Brandi and I have a 6' spot in Wrought'n Apples in Parker CO. My store is called "Life Beautiful" Go check it out - its a wonderful place to wander through and there is something for everyone!

What are YOUR top ten favorite things right now?
I would be interested to hear.

I have also found that with the cold comes beauty. I love the way the fog freezes onto each tree branch, it is lovely! I also love Emma in her green outfit. So cute. And I would really really love it if I had one night where everyone in the family slept the entire night through. Wouldn't that be dreamy?

Well it is the weekend. And that is usually a good thing! I hope yours is a nice one!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emma : making me smile one silly moment at at time!

Is it cold where you are? Because it has been SO cold here in Colorado. As in so cold that the school can't allow the kids to leave the building until they see their parents' car. Ask me how long this makes carpool? never mind, lets not talk about that because there are no words ....

Today I had the great pleasure of re-connecting with a college roommate. It was delightful. I am so thankful to know Michelle and to have had the opportunity to see her! Thanks for sharing your visit with your sister with me too Michelle!
Michelle was so kind to give me this very cute little crayon bundle for my kids too! I love it!

Emma, Clark and I were out together today. Emma made me smile so many times and I need to write this down so I do not forget! Emma has a cute little friend named Emmerson. They were born within weeks of each other and are 2 peas in a pod. They love to play together and are very entertaining.

So today while driving in the car Emma proceeded to tell me that the other day while playing at Emmerson's house she was sad because "Emmerson thinks that she is called CINDERELLA but I just know that it is CINDERELL-EE"! I was busting up! You know, the mice DO call her Cinderellee and they do sing the song about Cinderellee so I may have to side with Emma on this one. So funny. Later I went to the dollar store in search of a single item that I could not find that i heard they had ( I should have known, I do not like that place!) However, Emma reasoned, why leave empty handed? She found a princess (with CINDERELLEE on it) tamborine so I gave in and bought it for her, along with a bag of chocolate covered peanuts to keep her happy on my next stop. As we walk into my next stop (Secondhand store) She says "Mom, do you think BY CHANCE they might have some scissors here?" You see, she needed to open that tamborine asap and make some noise with it! I just thought the BY CHANCE part was so funny - ! After completing these stops as we are driving home she sighs very loudly and says, "Mom, its REALLY cold. (another adult sounding sigh). Yup. REALLY REALLY cold."
Silly girl. She makes me smile!

I realized today while walking with Emma that I usually walk in front of the kids, constantly asking them to catch up to me. As I looked over my shoulder at Emma on the sidewalk behind me today, I realized that I have it all wrong. So I let her pass me and I walked a little behind and to the side of her and slowed my pace. I got to watch her walk cutely down the sidewalk and I also noticed some of my surroundings that I usually do not see because I am focused on one thing: my destination. Perhaps having Emma be in a hurry for no one and on only her own time schedule is a blessing for me. It was today.